Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Fishiversary is A-Comin'

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The diner's fishing area is a success. Giving back to the community during gaps between contests with a contest is serving its purpose. People enjoy the chalk, are working on capturing the trophies, and sometimes listening to the stream (I've started streaming during them).  With recent RL commitments demanding my Sundays, it's nice to squeeze one of these in after a long day.

Livingtree has relaunched at 8pm EST on Sundays, which was always this "what am I gonna do" limbo hour for me ever since Blaksleeworld ended, so now I get to fish there, then DJ at Bacchus.

Hey, fishing is relaxing.

And speaking of love-ins, the Fishiversary dates have been set and the theme announced (if not obvious to anyone with access to an anniversary gifts chart).  And my kinda party: a PAJAMA PARTY!  I have a lot of ideas for this one :) Won't have anything to do with diners though...

Poster by Meissa Thorne
A Krewe a Krewe! I'm in a Krewe! Watch this space for things Mardi Gras in New Toulouse...

Last but not least: Relay for Life. Teams start applying next week. I don't know what I'll do but I want to do more this year. A lot more. Dat wasn't sure yet what she has planned; the beach had their own team last year but somehow fell through the administration cracks and didn't get a parcel for the big event. So I don't know quite what will be, except a theme is definitely due.

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