Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fishy Mardi Musicky Stuff

Snapshot taken during contest courtesy of Grey Nacht
With the success of my first 7Seas fishing contest held at The Starship Diner, a chapter has either ended or opened up.  Hard to tell which, but it's nice to have seen how this works.   Will make trophies for level up and 13th place at some point, and if there's a gap or two this weekend I'll announce more contests.

For now the focus of building will be for New Toulouse. Some of it's art, but with Mardi Gras weeks away I want to get some nice stuff together.  Will Cap'n Shinez return to Second Life with his crew of bead-throwing noobs?  Never can tell!

This Saturday are two interesting things.  First at 1pm SLT the theme for New London's weekly event at 1pm slt is "Come as your alt" which should bring in some interesting strangers.  Snurky Snoodle will be playing the tunes; don't worry, she's got my collection at her disposal, provided she doesn't dispose of anything. 

Later at 7:30pm SLT is A Taste of Bay City.  I'm hosting this week on the Artspace level of Cartoon World Gallery.  Music will be old jazz, big band, neo-swing and rockabilly.  Dress in your 30s-50s fare and be ready for some fun.

Er, anybody got a couples danceball with jitterbug and foxtrot loaded that I can borrow?

Between these two events will be Bacchus from 5:45-7:10pm SLT.  The kids are busy with Hard Knocks winter camp for the rest of the month, then - from what I hear - resume fishing at Cheep Cheep Landing on Livingtree in February one hour earlier at 5pm SLT.

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