Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Mumblings about things Grid

New Year's Eve was busy busy, with THREE events.  First was New London.  I played Auld Lang Syne into the European New Year, the  handed the stream off to the next DJ, who rang in the UK.

Sunday night was interesting in New Toulouse.  They've grown considerably in the short time I've been there, and recently revisted the notion of a working railway for their northern sims, or so it appears. Seeing this and how it would affect my  location in Algiers, I checked out the other sims and found a perfect alternative in their flagship region.  I spoke with landlady Gabrielle Riel and in a short time was transferred.  Probably for the best as it will give them more freedom to terraform that area without restrictions.

Tuesday night they had teatime, which is basically a community meeting.  Nice to be in another of these :)

Meanwhile, I find myself in the equivalent of the French Quarter and closer to my roots.  And - let's face it - I'm a cityslicker at heart.  I'm in my element, and with more room (now that I've forfeit a porch).  I can include a sitting area etc. amidst a small gallery and a more ornate shop of knick knacks.

Will I still be able to call it Maison Bleu?  Who knows?  Maybe it should be called Tchatchkes or something. Update: Guess it's still Maison Bleu, thanks to the Moles' Nautilus City texture pack.

This is on the heels of a fishing area I'm planning for Hydrangea.  There are many times when there is no fishing contest and people are in limbo.  The Retro Metro is part of a group beautification project, with most would-be prim availability assigned to other builds.  It's not possible to add a contest board, contest pot or more chairs.  The alternative is hold it near the diner.  Even using my primmiest TARDIS console there's plenty to spare when I don't have a big build project planned.

So 77m up, I've drawn a kind of pool of chalk on the asphalt.  Tonight I'll have time to put down those growy chair prims, also drawn on the asphalt with chalk.  I have a contest pot prim somewhere that I bought almost 2 years ago after checking out the creator of Razzap's back on Blaksleeworld.  If it still works then great.  If it can be set to reverse payout then so much the better.  That means of the top 5  the fifth place gets the highest amount.  Custom trophies and a custom bounty would be nice.  And a custom level up prize maybe?  Yeh, all for impromptu contests.

 SL9B... I wonder what the theme will be?  I may be counting chickens but a head start would be nice.  With advanced warning I could schedule some more time and present more detailed art and builds instead of rushing. 

Which reminds me (speaking of things which delayed working on an exhibit last Jul-Sept), I have another surgical procedure on my hand scheduled next Monday.  It's been easy to function with the injury this time around since it's not as essential as a  thumb, but because I compensated so much in the summer, the middle finger's now affected.  Thing is the bandage will be right in the middle of my fingers.  Maybe I should make an appointment for the index finger while I'm there?  Took 2-1/2 months this time around.

iTunes, why do you thwart me so?  Most songs I look for are either nonexistent or sung by other people or on Karaoke collections.  I am stuck to purchase a CD for one song, which means I'll never get around to purchasing those kinds of CDs.  If only I could trade in my vinyl for the same things on CD at half price.  Except Japanese pressings, colored vinyl and picture discs.  They should yield higher return.

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