Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interholiday Round-up

Many Tardis products which rely on rezzer positioning are broken in Second Life. 

Apparently they work by virtue of a fault in LL sim technology.  A parameter which was necessary for a myriad of extended functions but which shouldn't be possible. A blessing in the guise of a bug. 

The gridwide upgrade this month caught and fixed it, slamming and damning folks such as Novatech, makers of Horizons systems.  Several TARDIS brands including, Bad Wolf Corp, New London Systems, Hands of Omega, and Cheshyr's own Novatech were hampered by this fix. 

Basically anyone rezzing an affected product will be subject to the land properties set at 0,0 on that sim.  If you're subject to a no rez restriction, there will be complications.  For some a portion of the build does not rez.  For me, depending on the build, the main portion rezzes in position and other linked parts rez offset or way out of position, with the false alert in chat that I've rezzed too close to a property border.   I spoke with the owner in the southeast corner of Hydrangea.  The land there is a rental and it wouldn't be fair to them or their renter to change the settings.

Not everyone will notice it of course. Sim owners, protected land and so on shouldn't get in the way of precision rezzing.

According to the JIRA for this break, there is a new LSL parameter which will be added in a scheduled deployment in January. Novatech and those who utilize the Horizons system for their products will apply in upgrades.  

I can't imagine Horizons being unique.  Rez Foo and Rez Faux users may want to check for updates when the time comes.  Meanwhile, my elaborate Smith grade control room won't be happening.  I look forward to its return. It's still my favorite.


I can't make fun of Mesh anymore.  If anything I'm fair, and with Phoenix' latest update, most of the grid now has a choice over whether to use a V1 or V3 type interface and see full content.  Imprudence still holds back lag the best (even Emerald - Phoenix' predecessor - was a memory hog for Windows users), therefore I continue to use that.  I hope whatever they need to clear to move forward with multiple attachments and mesh rendering gets resolved sooner than later.  In the meantime I'll hold my tongue about your invisible torso and that woodgrain donut on your arm.  IMHO viewable or not, if you have to let some clothier redefine your body to such a degree, you're neither you and those aren't just clothes anymore. Note if your face is covered by a rogue prim, it's likely that I won't acknowledge you. It's just rude to appear that way; at least my friends know how I'm viewing them and haven't obscured their faces.

New Toulouse had a dusting last weekend.  It reminded me of how New Orleans often experienced frozen ponds and puddles in winter, spending time before 1st grade chopping at the white spots in the ice with our heels until the bell rang.  One year though we had a serioso blizzard (before I started going to school) which allowed me to experience snow for the first time.  Dad was stuck home and we made a snowman in the parking lot.  Before that I had no idea snow was cold or wet.  It all looked like soap flakes on TV.  Probably were...

Unfortunately the beauty I've enjoyed - although not enough - is coming to an end on Skybeam.  The snows will thaw to an early spring following New Year's.  Not quite the Imbolc I looked forward to with the coldest month not yet upon us, but it's not my estate.  I'll change the tree from snowy branches to bare at that time - too soon for blooms before Ostara.  After going to college in SoCal I resolved never to live where the seasons were not defined.  It was just too disconcerting.

On the plus side, I'll be DJing at Bacchus on the Beach on New Year's Eve, then going to The Stardust Diner to host the East Coast Countdown as usual.  DJ GoSpeed Racer will be playing the tunes.  I haven't had a party in some time, so it will be nice to have one again.  This has been a perrenial since 2003 in Cybertown.

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  1. See my post today about the lies being told regarding Viewer 1:

    I understand that the people who brought us such resource-hogging, crappily-designed viewers as Linden Lab Viewer 2 and Viewer 3, and Firestorm, are reluctant to update their Viewer 1 GUI viewers. After all, they like not having anything where sane people can easily find them, type fonts people with normal vision can't read, and their elitist attitudes. But why lie about TPVs that still use the Viewer 1 GUI? It's stupid and bound to turn people off.