Thursday, January 12, 2012

To Feesh or not to Feesh

This MLK Holiday Weekend I've got some "test Fishing contests" planned.  By then everything will have been set up and ready.  Even now the customs box is at Hydrangea; the fishing server's already been there going on 2 years this spring, so the fishing area is up for all your Dalek-catching needs.  Seating for those who want, music's usually KONAstream by default.

Have to test the jackpot thingie.  At first the secondary display board wouldn't work in the lot in back of the diner.  Suddenly last night it worked fine.   If things pan out, I'll be able to hold impromptu contests anytime I want, perhaps DJ during those times.

Trophies...  I got plans for those.  Top five, an arbitrary standing, a bounty, and a level up.

I think being a diner you can imagine the type of trophies I have planned.  Think I'll display them on a menu.

I wonder if it's overkill to bring out The Dog n Hog Snackbar to house trophy and customs displays?  Hmmm of course it is.

Someone recommended an inworld sculpting tool which could come in handy.  Eventually.  Right now I'm desperately in need of RL funds to catch up with maintenance.  It's been one step forward and two steps back for some time.  I did say twoish years ago that I'd auction off some Burning Life art, but that interest is gone and not likely anyone would buy my art at this stage in the game.

The snows have melted on SkyBeam and spring looks just great. I take everything back. It's a great look, with blossoming groundcover all over.

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