Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Up from the Ashes: a Burn2 Surprise

It happened once before on my older PC: Photoshop suddenly stopped working. Nothing had changed or updated since the time it worked. It just stopped. With a new scanner at the time came a newer version, and that installed and ran.

Now with the VISTA suddenly it stopped again. Likewise after uninstalling I couldn't reinstall. It's not proceeding after I click Allow.  Everything else works on the computer.

I believe Adobe has set some sort of timer to these bundled versions so they discretely expire.

I've installed GIMP which certainly takes some getting used to until I can afford my own new version of Photoshop - or use the one at work? At any rate I can scan in GIMP if it comes to that. It looks about as precise in selecting as Paintshop Pro, which is not very. It won't even give me options for targa format; for all I know they all output 32bit and huge for the non-alphas.

So here I was getting ready to put the first things with textures into SL for my parcel, when I couldn't make them and my 512 was  occupied by someone else. I asked for help and as it turned out I was upgraded to what must be a campsite: 2048sqm. I'd only planned for the 512, but it will be easier not having to be too clever to meet a strict limitation.

As usual these revelations come 2 weeks before the deadline. Thanks just the same!

The carpal tunnel op has been postponed.

Eat our dust

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