Thursday, September 20, 2012

There's always something...

The video shoot was a success. I have about 50 clips to rename and catalogue for fodder.  I still need some non-performance shots of surf and pipeline surfing.  Any idea where in SL people ride the surf?

Skybeam is starting to turn.  Autumn and winter are their best seasons.  Snurky is waiting for another race there and hopes this time it's in the fall.
I've been invited to participate in a hunt!  Ought to be fun. It brought to mind many more things I'd like to do for the FFF.

But first Burn2.  The initial germinating has been done.  It's time to put out the peat pots...

Tomorrow is the pre-operation evaluation after a visit to my specialist as planned.

Once Burn2 and the hunt are out of the way, it's Cartoon World's ground floor rennovation. Then facing the operation. From then a big blank.  It's anyone's guess if I hit the ground running or take weeks to resume drawing.  I'll make some playlists in advance (not that I don't already have over 180 to choose from) and hope for the best.

It's the next day and in the evaluation room. Took an hour and a repeatedly crashing computer to take all my medical info. It's possible the procedure may have to change venues and be rescheduled.  All because of the anesthesia. Hmph. Don't know why we can't do a local and I can just whine ten minutes longer about the tourniquet...

Yeh it's the hand not the brain. Yeah had 2 done in the surgeon's office on the fly the past year.

I'm not afraid to say I'm starting to get hungry at 3:15 (I went in at 1:30 and thought I'd be home long ago).

About ten minutes later they came back to say I need to see my doctor on Friday (they set the appointment up themselves) and arrange a stress test.  The ole murmur freaking people out again...

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