Friday, September 7, 2012

A Look back on Land From O to H

There's something cleansing about making major changes on one's property. 

Bringing Cartoon World to Hydrangea seems to be a logical course of action, though not a comfortable one.  Cartoon World WAS my first land over four years ago on Gaeta 4 continent, and would have been fine if it weren't for those two griefers disguised as entrepreneur. They taught me to keep my borders wide with their two-bit alpha bushes routine.  As a result I went from 512 to 2048.  Since then the couple broke up: he left SL and she has sex and leather groups listed in her profile.  

Capital Improvements under way in Hydrangea
I would still be in Juliet (Nautlius) if it weren't for some land-grubbing weirdo from another sim who up and decided to expand to 3 sims to make a European village. The expanse of land to my south was on an incline below towards water, and as soon as they acquired it they erected a massive wall from a megapim so all I could do is look straight up to see the sky.  Within a week I had a nice piece of land in Anilis, perfectly timed a day before the anti-adfarm rules went into effect.  I was right beside TMA, the Jewish neighborhood founded by Beth Odets and along an SLRR line. Within hours Wacko bought the Juliet land.

During my time in Juliet I'd gained an additional area of land in Angler, an empty sim parceled out for beach property.  While Juliet was for a home, my gallery and a 7seas fishing area, Angler was for a pool shop.  Anilis was nice and roomy if not oddly shaped, and of course there were the neighbors in Nessus. Cartoon World - still in its original terra cotta design - was moved intact from Juliet.

I waited a good long time there while the SLRR project was set aside for things such as building Zindra.  Then Flossberg, Straaf and AnnMarie Otoole (aka SL's slumlords of transportation) started running their crappy boxes by my place on the tracks.  Since then and long after my departure SLRR has has proceeded and the Virtual Rail Consortium aka VRC now has a presencein Anilis with a rail house by a new junction (an additional set of tracks branching east was added by the LDPW.

Documented weirdness at Angler and the need to expand Cartoon World put me into a position to look towards Bay City.  I bartered land and Lindens to get my first parcel in Falconmoon just over 2 years ago.  Halfway through I moved to the street and sold the previous plot.

I wanted a diner. I made one on my Winterfaire land for the season to try out and was keen to move on to a permanent one.  Anillis wasn't conducive to a diner; I gave up on the concept of a Bay City Rollers Diner due to not being rich enough for an auctioned spot beside Route 66. I watched an abandoned parcel in Pawpaw at a 3-way intersection which was was given up by a Scion chicken breeder (we had a problem with those lagging down Anilis and neighboring regions during the Scion Craze).  It never saw auction; Linden Labs took it back and made it into an SLRR station.  All's well that ends well...

Remember Plano?  It was PG, too small, and situated too close to Prok's rentals.  I was glad to get rid of it.  1024sqm became "too small."

While exploring the atoll, I came on Hydrangea and abandoned land bordered by two routes and a winding path connecting them.  I envisioned people riding their vehicles along Route 4 and coming upon a sign with a rotating top and a "family restaurant," aka diner with parking.  That would be MY diner there someday. 

I waited for almost half a year when it happened.  I parceled out and sold Anilis (couldn't afford tier for both or I would have kept it) and saved up the money. I was ready to outbid anyone to US$75.  Times being what they were, with porn being relocated to the new Zindra continent, the market was mush. It was mine for less than $35 when it finally went to auction.  My friends and I partied on the bare land and I blessed it with a consecration ceremony. 

A little over a year ago I bought the last of my tier in Hydrangea when somebody abandoned a small parcel in the same sim. More prims...

Cartoon World on Gershwin Blvd in Bay City - Falconmoon.
Selling my Bay City property won't lower my tier in any way.  There's  nothing wrong with the location.  In fact, this is the finest parcel available in all of Bay City at the moment.

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