Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bad hand, a Burn2 parcel and a new gallery location in need of goodies.

More Daleks on the drawing board for FFF.

It's like I'm trying to do everything before my Carpal tunnel operation in 2 weeks.  I heard things improve immediately, but given my sensitivity to prescription medication, I fear the worst from anesthesia.

I could die, get pneumonia, be semi-conscious and hear everything... a kid I had a tooth pulled under ether and heard the muzak in a horribly distorted way.  It gave me nightmares for years, so much so that when I needed 4 teeth pulled for braces at 11 I insisted on novacaine.  What a session, with those needles, my mouth propped open and asking questions via my tongue (which the doctor understood and answered flawlessly), then being unable to speak any better following the procedure for another 3 hours.  Would I do that today over ether? HELL YES!

Jump ahead to last month.  Stuttering when the doctor said the procedure would be done at LIJ in an outpatient area using something called twilight. 

Be put under like a frozen pond or distorted muzak.  Those were on my mind. 

We'd been through four hand operations together he and I, and each time with the dreaded local shot (hey they need to get the nerve, otherwise what's the point?), a tourniquet for 8-10 minutes aching my upper arm, listening to smalltalk while counting the seconds to when the tourniquet would be released.

This would be a 20-minute arthroscopic procedure. A bit long to hear me whine I suppose.  Would I endure the shot and 20 minutes of aching from a torniquet over the alternative? HELL YEAH!

So this was all in my head while I stammered an irrational sequence of phrases, him looking at me like I'd lost it.

Next week a visit to my immunologist and we'll discuss this along with other things.

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