Thursday, September 13, 2012

Now with pre-op angst out of the way...

I now have 4 rock videos in my head.

My only concern is some sort of block on the tunes, which depends on the record label.  YouTube is on the right track allowing users to post inspirations and link to song sales.  It's free advertising in the first place.  One should always give credit where due, but YouTube sales should speak for themselves and quell concerns.  I've bought music after hearing it in a video (kyare pamyu pamyu just happened to come on), and I can certainly blame BBC radio for new additions to my collection by Alexandra Burke, Frankie Miller and Rufus Wainright.

With this method everybody's happy and the recording industry is saved. 

Now stfu and let me do my videos.  The rest of the first will be shot this weekend, friend permitting.

A future one (the first I came up with) will be tricky because I have to fillm myself.  That is, JUST myself.  Lipsyncing.  It's lagged enough just filming...

Oh snap you mean they're called Machinima?  Well fuck you and your arrogant French terminology.  It's ROCK VIDEOS.

You might be seeing this before my performers do!

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