Friday, August 31, 2012

For Sale: Prime Bay City Land

I've decided to leave Bay City.  Just time for it.  There are other factors as well but nothing to do with the area.   It's a lovely place, double prim (holds 468), lots of canals and protected roads, many marvelous mole builds.

My parcel is rare in that it's a 1024 square parcel and not a wedge or fraction of a standard plot.  Two sides are protected, making a cobblestone corner with a canal to the north and a street to the west.  The street is George Gershwin Way, a name I gave it during a project with the Linden Department of Public Works. This is an official street name as designated by a sign a little further south beside a square  featuring the statue of Sir Mole (Bay City has several commemorative statues of prominent moles).  This parcel is very close to Route 66 and the eastside trolley.

This is located in "Bay City - Falconmoon" sim in the original eastern half of Bay City and M content.  I'm asking for L$60,000 which is very good  for the size, shape and and location of the parcel.  You'd be a hop skip n jump from the reknown Molexandria archeological site.

You can visit the location at . I may replace the picture below when I get home. The office PC has everything set to Low Graphics ;)

Please IM Holocluck Henly if you're interested.

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