Monday, August 20, 2012

Hurricane Charles Hits New Toulouse

Maison Bleu took on water this past weekend

I posted in Flickr at Friday lunchtime the noticeable change in the weather in New Toulouse.  It picked up later on and throughout Saturday the accumulation flooded the Bayou.

I love that they disallow fullbright on exterior prims.  It really adds to the ambience, with that dark moody atmosphere and that warm light in occupied buildings.

For the Saturday party I opted for the roof.  There was a steady stream (pardon the expression) of partiers and someone brought out a tiny danceball so everybody could join in (I really need to make a dispenser of "locks" so tinies can dance the big dances). 

Paddling through the Bayou
I got the times wrong and had to miss the other hurricane party that day to attend Relay For Life's wrap-up ceremonies.  Learning that the relay doesn't conclude the fundraising season, as many teams since that weekend made it to the next level.  We also learned next year's theme.  The team will decide together how we want our campsite to look.

Vendors remain active for another 2 days as of this posting, so there's time to shop around at Cartoon World for stuff with all monies going to the American Cancer

Meanwhile there's next week and the London Village Festival.  My hour starts at 3:30pm SLT on Saturday.  This year's tribute performance will be Dave Edmunds with the BYOG danceball out for anybody who wanted to play along.  I'm sure many will be doing that offline as well!

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