Monday, August 13, 2012

The End of an Era & an Impending Hurricane

I'm sitting on the train to work as I often am when blogging, thinking back on the weekend.

I had my farewell event in New London and ended my regular Saturdays there with a dance party on Gallifrey.  There was a splendid turnout considering the Olympics was being broadcast on both sides of the pond.  It was a bittersweet time with regulars (those who could attend) expressing their sentiments over a Saturday without my tunes.

The fact is it was time to move on there.  New London is an everchanging landscape, and its shifting traffic could probably use a fresh act for its Saturday nights.  I just need my Saturday afternoons more flexible for RL and other virtual opportunities.  I gave Laredo and Kat two weeks' notice - and info for my New London Festival act for the 25th.  I will continue to do stuff for them for special events and holidays.  You can still buy flat guitars in Big Ben Club; all sales go to NLV tier.

Looks like the RFL wrap party is being held exactly when I would have hosted, too...

btw You have through this week to get my stuff for Relay For Life donation in Cartoon World and down the hill from the Starship Diner on Route 2.  Sometime on Saturday the kiosks and vendors go *poof*.

This Friday marks the arrival of Hurricane Charles to New Toulouse.  Sometime before it's predicted to hit I'll board up the shop.  Depending on how severe the storm, I'll host something either in the attic or on the roof.  Let's see what sort of ladder I can get.

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