Saturday, August 25, 2012

Carpal Tunnel & Today's Dave Edmunds Show

Thursday 8/23

Doctors doctors doctors.

Someday I'm going to take off from work and not include tests or doctors in any of it.  As it is I'll be taking a third day off for yet another issue tomorrow, some growth I just noticed the other day.

I'm writing this while sitting in a familiar chair, a place where I once had a procedure to remove a cyst from my thumb.  I believe that was in 2005.

Today is a consultation for my right hand, which started tingling and going numb in bed a few months back (a pricey cushioned splint while I slept took care of that), then got exponentially worse after relay weekend, with weakness and numbness most of the time and a challenge to get the hand to even move in the morning.  This past month after starting the supplememt MSM these symptoms have receded somewhat.  Let's just say it's possible to cut raw vegetables and open jars most days again, and the "Morning Claw" is now only a few seconds' bother.

It's now over an hour later. The date has been set for the procedure carpal tunnel procedure. Up in the air about the "local" but I'm speaking to my immunologist next week about that.

Saturday morning 8/25

I'm sitting in my favorite Peruvian restaurant for breakfast.  Been a month and I miss being served a meal.  Well that's not true; Dad and I went to a place after Thursday's doctor visit. 

Today is day #2 of London Village Festival.  A couple of friends and I will be doing The Dave Edmunds Show this evening (local time 6:30pm or 3:30pmSLT).  I could have used 1 hour 15 minutes for a retrospective or 90 minutes if I had another male avatar to "be Nick Lowe," but such are how things roll.  Some of the nicest people have lives and they couldn't join in.  It's still gonna rock :)

This is a BYOG event, aka Bring Your Own Guitar, so a MoCap guitar moves ball will be out.  Look for the purple planet for air guitaring or playing along (if you have a guitar. Actually most people do in their library) in the audience. Jayne has reign over the lights as last year, so we'll see what she does (I'll have particles off to keep intact so I'll be oblivious to most of it again; it's what the audience sees that counts).

I'm wedged tight between 2 performances so we start promptly; last year there was a 15 minute buffer and I led in with an instrumental.

They put just the slightest hint of cinnamon in their chocolate (say it right: choh coh lah teh).  And I don't get the usual corn syrup reaction I do from commercial hot cocoa.  This place may be making theirs from scratch.

Anyway I'll be offering a FREE souvenir shirt for attendees.  There's a box of flags for waving including for our show (don't recognize the picture; personally I would have included a silhouette of a classic guitar pose).

If you're reading this and are either new to Second Life or haven't been on for awhile, 2 things:

1. Instead of downloading Second Life's viewer, go to and download Phoenix viewer for the least lag & a familiar classic interface, and

2. In Edit/ Preferences under audio/video check to play media when available, but not to automatically run.

You're now ready for the show :) Thanks for listening and have a great time!

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