Friday, August 3, 2012


When you're in a place with lots of people and they all speak a language, and someone multilingual like you comes in and you think to yourself: "at last I can speak the language of my home country," think of all the people - including your friends - you insult by ignoring them all just to speak in another language to this superficial acquaintance exclusively for the rest of the event.  The French have a word: etiquette. This is one of those times to apply it. Doesn't matter what combination of languages.  Just because you CAN speak in another language from those you commonly interact with doesn't mean you should if you don't have to.

Couple weeks to the New London Fest.  I've been wanting to do this one for months and have a playlist all ready.  I could use backup on guitar and drums.  I know I don't have the same people available from last year's ELO tribute. A year in Second Life is like a decade offgrid, and they've moved beyond. When I mentioned which act I was going to represent this year, I didn't get the response I expected.  I felt it warranted something a great deal more enthusiastic.

If anybody knows how to upload a widescreen video to Flickr or Facebook without losing the ratio, please let me know?

My hand doesn't hurt as badly or go numb as quickly today. Thanks for asking. My fault I left my supplements incl MSM home yesterday.  I'm probably taking too low a dose, but I'll be seeing my specialist in 2 weeks.  In 3 of course is the EMG and surgical consultation.

I've really been meaning to make that rockvideo. I think the one I have in mind CAN be self-photographed.

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  1. In certain regions everyone who uses voice does, to the point of deliberately ignoring or excluding anyone and everyone who doesn't. That's just plain rude and is a major turnoff. Not everyone uses voice for various reasons, including lack of microphone, lack of speakers, or issues over stalking. And then of course there are the people who roleplay the opposite gender and don't want others to know there's a guy behind the hot chick avatar, and vice versa.

    In that regard it's similar to the rudeness in speaking a different language with someone else while everyone arouns who doesn't speak that language has to sit there and wonder what the hell you and your friend(s) are saying. It creates an atmosphere of paranoia in which people wonder if you're talking sh** about them — after all, if you're a big enough jerk to suddenly begin conversing in a foreign language with someone who just popped over, what other jerky acts are you capable of?