Sunday, October 7, 2012

RL SL 1 2 3

Did you know that a Metrocard can deactivate?

I took a bus and subway to the doctor on Monday using my card, however both buses back they waved me thru because the card wouldn't work.

I should have hit the terminal when I was halfway home but my thought was I'd have to consult the website about mailing in a replacement.

The website said if the token booth clerks could read the card they could transfer the balance to a new card. 

So this morning I went to the token booth clerk and he said he could see the balance but that the card had deactivated. He said swipe it at a turnstyle until it lets me go in, then at the station gong out have them transfer the balance over.  I told him given what's on the card and there are no clerks where I'm going that it would be worth the fare just to do it there.

With one swipe it worked.  I rotated the turnstile to use up the ride, had the clerk transfer the balance, and he let me thru the gate.


Snurky is almost done with her parcel at Burn2.  A tech at work suggested I trial Photoshop C3, which downloaded upgrades to Windows as part of its installation which has slowed my computer somewhat. But it DID install, which supports my conspiracy theory about Adobe planting a hidden timer in the registry.

I cant say I like this overblown version but it gets the job done.  I haven't had time to sit with it and may not get to for weeks, but I've got something I can use for Burn2, Cartoon World's imminent grand re-opening and the 7Seas FFF.  I've also offered to make some customs for Bacchus.

It's an interesting time, when upgrading to Office360 at work has affected a key maneuver in my Photoshop C3 there.  Wed night IT installed C5, so it's reviewing new Photoshops all around.

Last Monday while sitting in the waiting room instead of being at work, I spent time drawing out specific plans for my Burn2 campsite on the playa.  I've since taken the first step by feeding my campsite with my thoughts.  It's a small device but very significant to the build, taking its cues from a copy of my program.  Very soon will see some faint impressions.  Don't worry. Not breaking any rules.  It's just finding spots in the cracks from which to grow.
Thought I'd see things a little differently w/o
them on. If anything it all looks much flatter.
 It's now the next weekend and roots have formed. So far everything is going to plan. 

When I do these things I meet people I haven't seen in some time. I guess that's why I do it in a way :) to get back in touch with the artist colony, the folks I used to see at Show n Tell, the nice folks who volunteer year after year...

Me and Timelady Viv steppin' out at the Bluebird in New Toulouse

I had a momentary panic on the playa today.  I LOST my spare mobile emitter!  After checking and recalibrating the memory unit, I noticed the emitter had detached from the top of the device. Eventually I found it in the dust on the road nearby. whew...

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