Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Burn2 Draws Nigh, but first: Press Day

Done!  Save for the freebies.  I also plan to list who and what are on images in a blog post.  Except for the dead beets. 

Snurky is done as well.  She went political for her first ever virtual piece, "Venus in Peril."

Tonight before and after DJing it's prep and place gifts.

Tomorrow is press day.  I'll be loitering around my campsite to answer questions in the evening.  I suspect Snurky may get asked a few, so we may have to be on at once & not move lol.

Unless... Isn't there a decent Android app that does Second Life?  That might be the way she needs to go (I have a credit with Google Play that I haven't touched since I got the Nexus7).

The lucky girl has a name for hers...

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