Monday, October 22, 2012

Good-bye Big Weekend, Hello Crazy Week

A big weekend of goals out of the way. 

All DJ gigs were a success.  Almost.  The stream deteriorated about 50 minutes into my 2-hour set at Burning Man.  When it was unable to reconnect at all I changed to my stream, which wasn't as bad but not much better until about 10 minutes before the end of my set.  During that hour of constant skips and break ups, other DJs checked into the access group chat over the same thing.  My using an alternate stream ruled out their stream provider and since the disconnects were showing on my software we could 't blame it on Second life. It's unlikely we all used the same ISP so the Internet itself is left and its routing of certain ports.  It came back at any rate...

The London Village show was a success. I've been asked to host the Saturday prior to Guy Fawkes Day (aka on Guy Fawkes Weekend), which I've accepted.

Now it's time to look forward.  I have ten days left with this trial of CS6 (I definitely like the CS5 I use at work better) before precise graphics become impossible.  This means by the end of next weekend all my 7Seas FFF and Cartoon World re-opening work must be complete.

New problem on the horizon.  Well, possibly closer.  Someone in Pandorus got some scripted pumpkin which steadily grows.  It's now a megaprim which has encroached into our properties in Hydrangea.  The lag in our region is tremendous and a common side effect of megaprims residing along a region crossing.  If you're in the neighborhood and feel the drag, make a point to give credit where due and file an AR on the megapumpkin.  You can't miss it.

You can see the SW one is encroaching into 3 other sims
Time to look ahead.

Something Dat had been anticipating for months finally happened: the landlords are selling Kittyland 5 and the nightly event is leaving Bacchus.  Tonight Dallas and I host the first prime time fishing contest at Dat's Place.  It's a nice beach rental with a spectacular view.  Here's to new beginnings with old friends.

The psychos who were banned will be getting another chance, but only one. Any ventriloquism, intentional pushing or surrounding and they're gone.  It all depends on how important fishing is to them over griefing that they want to be there.

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