Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time to Party!

Kicking into full gear for the season with events.

First up:  Time & Space Dance Party in my TARDIS Wed May 2nd from 1pm SLT.  If there's enough interest I may hold an encore sometime for USA evening. I changed the desktop theme of my control room to allow for enough space to dance.

Look for our booth during Relay For Life's MayDay weekend on the 5th & 6th. The team will have lots of neat stuff for donation, much of it with a medievel theme.

Another event in New Toulouse isn't out of the question in May.

Guest readings and classes are planned for the Starship Diner and other locales. 

I'm trying to get Snurky involved; she's maintained neutrality when it comes to team affiliations and effort, but she's fully capable of hosting some cultural events as well. Kudos to her for winning 2nd place in the cross-country Giant Snail Races this past Saturday in Sansara.

More About Tomorrow Wed the 2nd: whomever was your Doctor, there is a shirt for you :) At only 35L each, it's not difficult for most people to collect them all, with all sales going to the American Cancer Society.

A Moment to Appeal to Your Hearts & Souls

I'd like to take this moment to ask for some positive energy to be sent my team's way.  A member who's undergone treatment is having surgery today.  If all goes well during the procedure, it will be smooth sailing thereafter.  It's the nature of the procedure and what they have to remove that I bring this up.  Thinking good thoughts and envisioning happy,  healthy people can only help.

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