Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are You Supporting the Businesses You Think You Support?

Meanwhile, when my fingers permit there's finishing art for Who shirts to sell in New London.  Left hasn't quite gotten over the op and cannot hold fast onto a drawing board just yet.  The right hand may have developed carpal tunnel.

Apparently SL9B is on.

Ever since that brownnosing hack posted BS about New London and showed how shallow he was by playing the whole Guilt By Association deck - and by his behavior I'm sure marks regular intervals on his calendar to remind him when to troll them anew in his blog - I've wanted to get these folks to show residents first hand that they're a good bunch.

While other group chats remain a source for spreading rumours perpetuated by you-know-who, New London has consistently taken the high road and actively discouraged bashing rivals in chat.  TARDIS brands each have their pro's and cons as they offer a range of perspectives of what an immersive experience should be.  NLS has one which Second Life residents have enjoyed for over 4 years; you don't stick around that long if you suck or don't have decent customer support.  Yeah I know said hack accused THEM of that and the bashing-in-group-chat biz in his blog as well as hits at me and Archangel based on little contact with either of us. But that's the point of why he's bogus and just an expensive rabble rouser. 

It's funny writing the start of the above paragraph earlier this week on my way home from work, then just afterwards learn that some big baby and mega-yapper in Hands of Omega's product support group chat had taken to griefing New London as of last week with the aid of Hands of Omega police boxes.  I rolled my eyes over their behavior.  How asinine. They don't have a "Resident" surname so legally they *should* be of age for several years now and should know better.  Obviously they don't know much if they use a product they tout as a weapon for griefing.

When the first boxes showed up on their sides in random locations in New London on Saturday I did a wtf doubletake.  HoO owner Sen really needs to state the obvious and make some written disclaimers.  I know he's a good guy but these idiots are ruining his company's reputation by using his forum to generate griefing and harassment and rile up people in a very negative way.  A product should speak for itself and not rely on goons to beat up or harass the competition, but allowing this to continue in HoO's name has put them in a poor light. There is no "I won't act because I didn't do a thing personally" when one's company reputation is on the line and their products' most visible uses are as objects for griefing.

Meanwhile New London is too busy managing their own sim. When one focuses on events and helping others versus planning mudslinging campaigns and more ways to grief using other people's builds, there's no time to commit for an expo. They're not the only ones among my estate affiliations who put their all into their investment. They all clearly have something better to do with their time.

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  1. Thomas Edison was infamous in his day for using goons to beat up, threaten, and even kill off competitors. Certain groups are less physically violent, far less so, but they still think bullying and outright deceit are legitimate ways to handle competition. And they don't care at all what the consequences are, just as long as it's someone else suffering them.

    Meanwhile, New London and other targeted regions continue to grow and flourish, as the increased traffic attests.