Monday, May 28, 2012

At a Cuckoo's Pace

Okay, taking a big deep virtual breath...

A day with no deadline save a playlist for tonight.  Ahhhh

It's been crazy!  As some of you know, about ten days ago while helping my team with participating in the Home Expo (I still haven't seen any hunt cupcakes  beside ours whenever I pop in) and making some purple flat guitars for BYOG, I got an IM from some curator about hosting an exhibit of my work for June.  When looking back on that log, it's absolute chaos between fishing at the beach, speaking with the team and the Expo contacts, being directed to and speaking with IFT organisers for a team booth at an upcoming Star Trek convention, and the art show invite. btw I must have done something right; I occasionally see 25L pass through me from someone clicking my hunt cupcake.

When some of the smoke cleared and I could focus on the offer - while planning the next RFL event, writing a 100-word story for Crap Mariner and pondering both SL9B and the upcoming RFL campsites - turns out I was already in installation week!  They cleverly had a mirror building in the sky for the next artist to place, then bring their pieces down enmasse once the current one vacated.  Given the number of pieces to scan throughout the week after work and other things each evening, I never got a chance to use it.  Everything was in place less than one hour before the opening.  This included notecards for every level to explain the pieces.
A peaceful calm at night in the empty Fruit Islands art gallery
 Then that other curve thrown a week earlier: "Who would you like to play at your reception?"  I'd been to enough in RL to know there would be one for me.  Just not used to all the attention; artists seldom are. And we're bad with praise.  We don't trust people who praise us.  We don't know whether they're just being nice. 

Sometimes it's the most simplistic comments that earn our trust. "I like the pictures of the movie stars," someone said.  They didn't know me and looked with a clear mental palate at what they saw.  We trust strangers and their gut reactions.

But I'm ahead of myself.  A building plus a lush garden for my use.  A tipjar and a Relay For Life kiosk, plus a gallery show shirt for a modest minimum donation to RFL. 

The Eggphitheatre demands attention on the landscape, parked in the garden just outside the gallery. As she had during Burning Life 2009, GoSpeed Racer set up her DJ station beneath it for the reception.

A modest turnout.  Considering it was a holiday weekend I've no complaints.  GoSpeed knows what I like for music; last week marked three years I first hired her for my own gallery's opening in Bay City. It was neat to have this all arranged for me.

For those unfamiliar with these happenings: yes, that was an opening.  Don't throw out the landmarks.  The gallery has my art for the next few weeks.  Other than a comic set as a slideshow on a prim, everything else is new and never seen before on the Internet, including an additional one-shot comic.

I want to thank Lizzo Dreamscape for inviting me to the Fruit Islands Art gallery and her patience while I addressed everything in turn those first few days.  Please visit I Sing the Body Projected when you can.

Also: look for Snurky to host MadLibs in the Eggphitheatre a few times to raise money for RFL.  It's what the egg was made for: to rewrite history.

That night I hosted Mersey Mersey Me! A dance party with early Beatles and influenced bands including The Spongetones, Utopia, The Rutles and ReBeatles Projekt, as well as some others.  It was a great turnout and people had fun. We raised some more for Relay For Life, closing in on the US$500 mark.
Mersey Mersey Me! winds down after sunrise.
Speaking of re-writing history and people who do it with a passion, it seems some karma has caught up with everybody's notorious drama queen.  Looks like Victor's left the Katrina team - picked up his toys and headed for another sandbox so to speak.  Of that, the expo is his and he's taken it to his teen Who sim. Nodster has a pissed off but sufficiently cryptic message for a profile; I was going to express my genuine condolensces on the sim shutting down but god knows what transpired. Only those directly involved would know for sure. No doubt there will be a blog post about it, and I'm sure Victor will find some way to work New London into it.  Speaking of which: guess which sim has welcomed Dr Who fans the longest in Second Life?  Better be nice to them; you can't have sucked and been around for over four years.   

The info came from out of the blue when Vicki posted a notice about it in the Trek group. No, it didnt seem on topic to me either.

Anyway things come and and things go.

Next: Snurky's MadLibs, New London's Jubilee Jamboree (w/the reprise of BYOG) and SL9B


  1. Reading on his blog, he says the sim rental business that owned Katrina left SL and that instead of buying the region outright, they decided to move. This struck me as being odd, since I always thought that one of the Katrina group owners actually owned the sim.

    On a lark, I decided to head on over to Katrina to see if the region ban list had been cleared. it was. I checked the region info and it shows EzY McAlpine as the region owners. Did EzY leave SL? Or am I missing something? At any rate, this whole thing became ironic considering that some time ago you-know-who was blathering on about how the only way New London could resolve its financial troubles was to either rent out parts of the sim, or "improve" NLS delivery and customer relations.

    Thr truth is that the owners of Katrina shot themselves in the proverbial foot first by dropping Cardiff as their Who-tie-in theme and by going all-mesh. Half the grid still can't see mesh properly because they don't use mesh-capable viewers, so teleporting in meant that instead of seeing all those pretty builds, one only saw a bunch of giant blocks and toruses.

    Doesn't help that their elitist attitude and tendency to wage war on everyone who fails to stroke their massive egos turns a lot of people off. At new London they go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome, and the sense of community convinces many to stay for a while.

  2. I had no idea they took away the Millennium Centre. I hadn't been there since HoO's 5th anniversary party. I just remember looking at the map one day and seeing this pixellated image of Tom Baker and thinking there were better ways to utilize the prim allowance. The lie in blog posts and group chats to perpetuate the image of NLS practising poor customer relations didn't improve business on Katrina's part. And I too thought they owned the sim. Isn't Zenobia Time Station his as well? There was no mention of it in his inappropriate notice in A TREK GROUP - then again he also promoted his Podshock event in RFL chat though it wasn't a fundraiser.

    btw speaking of inappropriate: last year when I was an uncomfortable part of New Babbage society, he held weekly Friday dance parties in his hotel. Had a kiosk on the side at all times like many do, but had the tip jar prominent and right beside him. I tipped him - he didn't deserve nor need it turns out, but what irks me now that I'm part of the RFL fundraising community and learned everything is how this sneaky wretch promoted his own gigs under the guise of fundraisers last year and took in his own tips like any ordinary event. Forget how he's defamed us and gotten friends and acquaintances to think wrong of us: he's got a lot to answer for on a much much steeper level.