Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy Being Purple

A rare shot while in my TARDIS' Trophy Room
Yayyy Us! We got the Bronze! A great start for a new team! We were actually US$30 from Silver at the time, so that's one valuable medal.  Earlier the morning Halfway There awards were handed out, we kicked off events in the Purple Sky Dome for Paint SL Purple week (and then RFL promptly ignored the venue for a weekend we didn't hear about LOL).

Purple Sky Dome for RFL
We were well received, with a couple of vendors and team mates participating (a third had temporary computer probs - whew!) and selling purple stuff with me. We had a good time with very nice people.

There are a lot of events coming up from Hearts & Souls.  Look for vendors from us at the Relay For Life area of the Home Expo, as well as stuff by us in an expo-wide hunt!

This Wednesday Snurky Snoodle will be hosting a short hour of Mad Libs at the Starship Diner at 5pm SLT.  Important documents about Second Life are missing key words.  She needs YOUR help to put them together.

On Sunday from 7am SLT I'm back at the Purple Sky Dome for BYOG aka Bring Your Own Guitar.   I'll be playing songs from the 60s to 2000s which have serioso riffs that are hard NOT to air guitar to.

Contrary to the event's name, I will have hand-drawn "flat guitars" available for a modest donation in a vendor and put out an extra danceball with MoCap guitar animations for the event.  Accompanying us on drums will be special guest Mayor Mayo of New London.  The problem I have with this one is that 2-1/2 hours of music was picked out for it. I don't think I can take off more than 30 minutes, which means I'd better do something about having my 90 minute slot extended somehow. LOL if all my worries were that simple.

Anyway, still, have to set up other guest events and more DJ events.  And get those darned sit targets done for the diner!  Remember: You can't aim and sit on a prim on a Blue Steel server.

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