Monday, April 30, 2012

A Few Words in Support of New London

Since they rebranded to become a sim of London landmarks and lore, New London has earned critical acclaim and a boom of visitors.  This has meant less income as malls, flats and shops were replaced with more exhibits and replicas.  While it's brought in a lot of appreciative visitors, the result of a link on the SL launch page predominantly brings in - to be blunt - penniless noobs, often in the form of minors with fabricated stats.  I've watched their staff keep on top of griefers while remaining gracious hosts and always happy to lend a helping hand. Meanwhile donation bins placed throughout the sim sit untouched.

Add to this scenario the LSL teleport fiasco last winter, which was a kick in the head for every immersive rezzer product (a TARDIS system falls into that category), so much so that Cheshyr Ponchartrain of Novatech had to give up Abbotts within a few short months.

No doubt the draw has waned on Whovians who no longer come to the sim with regularity because New London is no longer specifically a Doctor Who sim. 

A certain fool cannot goat gloat and take credit for this situation. The only thing we can credit him for is someone griefing the sim after reading one of his silly fabrications borne of hate (much of what he writes about New London is the result of imagination).  That's the sort of people he genuinely attracts when you take away financial dependence & Middle Americans with a fascination for anyone with a Scottish accent (emphasis on "anyone").  Solly Cholly.

Being that most tourists and Whovians are less inclined to part with their Lindens for nothing in return to add to their inventory (except for maybe a Sploder), I've decided to help my friends by offering a series of modestly priced Doctor Who fanboy shirts.  These will be from original, hand-drawn art and all purchases from these shirts will route to New London's tier avatar.  The first of this series comes out later this week.

It's a start for what I believe to be a good cause.  Hope you will consider collecting these as more come out.  Those who know New London for what it truly is rather than buy into vituperative contrivances and have enjoyed its sense of community and the work everyone there puts into it for visitors to have a positive experience, I hope you will oblige them with even a small contribution on your next visit.

In the meantime financial setbacks haven't slowed them down as an active community.  New London has launched a mayoral race to parallel that of the real city.  Naturally I'm running and have surprisingly advanced to the finals (along with Harold Saxon), but my platform is too honest and altruistic.  I don't stand a chance against those other crooks! :P

Last but not least, the performance I had planned for New London Fest may happen a  bit sooner.  Look for news about our show.  I've already gotten space wolf Mayo lined up for drums. He kicks ass! Quadrupeds make great percussionists.  And Jayne will be on several instruments and have free reign of lights.  I need a second male as backup though for a handful of songs.  I wonder whether Mayo can sing in tune?

It's time to get the ball rolling on more RFL events.  Look out for them, continuing with this Wednesday's Time & Space party with me as DJ. It's also on my birthday.

Choosing team spot for RFL MayDay Weekend this May 5-6

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