Monday, April 23, 2012


Couldn't they at least have made it to the tenth?

No, entering one's place in the Destination Guide doesn't count as a celebration.  The point was our all getting together to celebrate SL.  It was a key place to find new residents for communities and get to know a cross-section of the grid's cyberculture.  Not to mention cake.  And bears.

Rodvik you've turned out to be a soulless cad who doesn't realize how essential SLB was for EVERYBODY'S survival and retention. It brought out the best of Second Life and put it all together.  If sims dont get fresh visitors and residents they close, and then what?  Things can always get worse on the main grid. I get the feeling you're less interested in customer retention and preserving Second life than you are in recreating SL into a gaming slum.  Why is that?  A *lot* of people don't like what you're doing - and not doing - with our money.

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