Monday, April 6, 2009

Exerpt from Survey

What could Linden Labs do to make buying Mainland more appealing?

  • Enforce no land flipping for one month after a Linden Auction (of new land) to discourage inflated prices by real estate people
  • Enforcing encroachment of items whose prim crossmarks don't encroach --- Become more proactive against neighbors trying to crowd out residents (happened twice to me and learned this was very typical)
  • Be more proactive in acting on megaprim users who are lagging a region by placing them near or across a region
  • Allow people of yea much joined or connected land in a region to customize the terrain (I live in Anilis and love it but the lack of lush grass is KILLING ME as an artist picky about aesthetics)
  • Lindens should talk about their topics and not ALL accommodate angry clueless residents who just look up the name "Linden" and descend on an office hour to hijack it for their OT concerns and gripes; these people have DRIVEN me out of Blondin and Blue's OHs for weeks. I waited for Blue's to resume and there they were to dominate the topic about PornLand and not New User experience. I wait all week for Wed to attend 3 OH's which are about topics I am interested in. Adding: If you can't make it to Jack's tough luck. No one's gonna hear anything different from you and no one is gonna hear anything different from the Lindens which hasn't already been covered elsewhere or in the forum.

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