Friday, April 24, 2009

Next Stop: Bay City

The whorehouse has been replaced with Anne Frank's house. The map view of Anilis is radically different from what it looked like at the start of the month. The pond looks nice; it looks more like a motel swimming pool. Filled with orange soda of course.

With the bulk of Cluckey's Creations out of the way, it's time to work on Bay City and the new shop and gallery. A belated first rezday celebration and art opening.

Two weeks offline produced a goodly amount of sketches. I came up with several builds, two of which will comprise the Bay City property.

I've decided not to be shy about selling builds I am proud of. In fact, the Dog n Hog is currently listed on SLEX (maybe it shows under a search for Googie Style Snackbar). In time I'll have vendors added for buildings for different uses and the Asian outdoor stuff I made last February.

Well, in the meantime, as mentioned, the Fantasy Hotel agreed on a price and moved, giving the Rabbi space for all his museum and synagogue to reside in the same area. I've got culture all around me. I am in good company.

And the 2Life Magazine issue with my article reviewing the museum came out too! The issue overall is very good.

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