Friday, April 10, 2009

PC Activity for the non-PC'ed

During my PC outage, two Thursdays in a row I've gone to Dad and hogged the computer for SL and TT activities.


I reclaimed the land by my gallery and set land to the north for the Rabbi to buy for a Linden so he had a clear path to the tracks. Carefully naming all parts and preparing folders, I took up the cottage, the trophies, the furniture, the fishing pond and customs server, flattened the land, brought out the neato Googie bldg I had initially planned for the beach...

Marianne came by - oh it was good to talk to an inworld friend again. Twitter is all nice and good but a convo is a convo - to confirm my convictions. The museum dwarfed my land and the building needed resizing. So I worked on that, creating a doorway front and center with the sides closed, a checkerboard floor (which looked nice with the primaries) and repositioned my erstwhile vendors therein. Will add the googifying details in the future.

It looks like Shermerville is going to be residential for me after all, as I plan to sell the pools in Anilis too. I turned an unflattenable spot south of the shop into a raised demonstration area and plopped down a USA Holiday Weekender pool for the time being.

Now... what to design for Bay City and what to do about that fishing pond? I know for the latter I wanna make poles with a string of banners blowing in the wind. But that's all I now for sure. And what should I call the place? I suspect it will be the main store of what I have a little shop on loan to me in Selby.

It was time to go. Unfinished business. I'll miss the place but will have more time to ponder its fate over the weekend. If anything I was prepared when I arrived and hit the ground running.

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