Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tired From Doing Nothing

My grandmother used to say that. It carried a different meaning this weekend of course.

The pool was a big question mark for me & never got a sketch. But when I was there on Anilis land, I knew what to do. The prims flowed from me until I had a 27x32 area with a pink formica style finish and green plastic accents.

In my resolve to use no megas there, I put a bridge in place for people to sit on. I also edited the movie screen accordingly so I could place it near the Nessus border. The dog n hog snackbar was rezzed to display the customs & give people a place to hang out.

Finishing touches in the form of pastel deck chairs & customized 7Seas stuff. It's looking good (screens pending return to office). The current map below shows my place versus the area to be ultimately covered by the Holocaust museum and synagogue.

Now to get more sleep and activity AND spend the time I need inworld to get things ready.

(first time blogging via company issue Blackberry)

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