Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Too Much Sleep

It's a problem I have since I've been computer-less. I get too much sleep at night. I fall asleep early, and have nothing to do which DOESN'T relax or put me to sleep if I get up in the night.

This has got to stop.

Well, I can't say the outage hasn't helped. It's allowed me to ponder my three properties.
Shuffling here and there during borrowed PC times has given me a better grasp of Anilis. With my new neighbor and the museum dominating most of the region, it looks as though I'm now IN the Jewish neighborhood and no longer on the edge of it. Working with the Rabbi, I've relocated my shop structure to clear the area as he plans to make a sublevel exhibit. The fishing pond is going to be like it was in Donner, with changing textures and decor according to a theme. My desire is for the movie screen to be on the edge of the region to the south and the shop to the north, but I'm a littke antsy since the screen contains a megaprim. I might still do it, moving it clear of the border. Maybe behind it will be a good spot for the SLX box.

Confirmed store and area will be Cluckey's Creations, a main location of the small shop in Selby (which hasn't been finished yet. Another setback).

I feel very cozy in Anilis. I'm glad fate stepped in last fall for me to come there.

Cartoon World... I believe Cartoon World will become a gallery and shop in Bay City. The shirts, artsy shirts like the sacrificial mascots, other types of shirts, will be on the ground level in a squarish googiesque bldg. The gallery will be up but not out of sight. In fact I hope to make it a sight in its own right :) as one of those things I had lots of time to plan with a graph pad by my bed.

That leaves Shermerville. I'll have to think that one over.

I'm pleased to see that my new CPU is in the "preparing for shipment" stage.
failed spongebob test

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