Monday, March 30, 2009

Would you give it all up?

I always told myself that given the chance, I would give up a good portion of my land to have something in Bay City. Which isn't saying much given the price of land I've had and the bloated prices in Bay City left over from last year's land fever.

Well, its angular design meets me. And it's a community. I was meant to be there.

So when someone would like to barter Angler and Shermerville and some spare Linden change for a 1024 in Bay City... HELL YEAH I'D DO IT!

I think my tier is going back down in the morning.

No, Anilis doesnt go anywhere. That's my home. That's culchuh. I've been invited to do an article for 2Life. It's a timely time for me. This week will end up completely opposite from what it was last week. I can now see celebratory possibilities for my first rezday next week.

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