Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Overload - Nova Albion

So at around the same time as the whole land thing started, Nova Albion's 5th anniversary started closing in. I had a special avatar planned: robot based on the most notable buildings there: the ARMORD towers.

With the 8 Man avatar experience behind me, I felt I knew what to avoid when making this one, and spent my evenings at a little used sandbox on a posing stand. I also studied the fullperm Iron Man movie armor obtained on Silver Screen island, seeing where the knee and shoulders connected and how they moved with joints and so on. I removed a section at a time as I created parts.

I completed the NOVA5 avatar on Sunday Morning, the day of the parade AND the day of the auction. In fact, the two converged at 3pm EDT on that day. So after the high stress of bidding, I logged on and joined the revelers in a high lag region known for high lag when there ISN'T an event.

It was an interesting parade with so many creative talents behind the displays and avatars. We joined the Zombies gang on the border of Luna and Sistiana for a double sized dance party.
After a rough reboot, I showed off the armor at Show n Tell, where I landed 4th place. Hey I'll take it. It's GREAT I got votes :)

Later in the evening I took pics of the armor against the neon of the ARMORD tower until the region went down for a reset.

But ohh how mentally and physically draining the days leading up to this were and hitting such a height. It's taken days to clear my head. LOL Now I think I can relax and get to the business of creating and designing.


  1. You looked awesome at the parade :-D

  2. Brilliant shot against the blue - gorgeous!

    p.s. Only just found your blog - reading back :)