Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend of Overload: Angler

Maybe it's spring.

I have this urge to sow more land. I keep telling myself: "If I stop the food deliveries and either take out on the way home from work or actually cook something, I'll save lots more money than the cost of more tier." And it's true. I would. Seemingly at the same time, my neighbors the fellow Blaxxunites - who have established a great social gathering each evening for VRML survivors - had the same compulsion. They bought more land outward so they could have more playspace in the water.

It was time to look at the abandoned land to the east of my pool shop. The pools were getting a might cramped, even after putting several on vendors by theme. So I took Jack Linden's advice and submitted a ticket request for the Lindens to bequeath it to me, along with my neighbor's Email address as reference. The rule is your land surrounds on three sides, but one of the sides was another region, and between us we had two sides covered. The reply from an estate rep was that the land was more than 512 so it had to go to auction.

The neighbors and me pondered the purple on the map and loitered a great deal there. With all the comings and goings in Angler, it just so happened that someone had started collecting land and making them into rentals in the eastern part of the region; she would have her opportunistic eye on the plot as well.

Within a week, it showed up on the list. I set some ground rules on how I operate, since I usually do this solo and I had two friends eager to see me win this. I said first of all, no one set foot on the land until the end of the auction (that would be for two days). This was to ensure no land flippers saw us there and figure they'd resell to any of us. Next, don't look at the auction numbers until the end day. They were getting a little obsessed. One must clear the mind before a challenge, and this auction was no exception. They knew I was a seasoned eBay sniper from way back and would not feed the bids until the last possible moment. For insurance I bought too many Lindens and they footed me some more.

They also knew I was under stress over a big project for the Nova Albion 5th Anniversary parade, and that everything would culminate for me in rapid succession (the end of the auction and the start of the parade were both at noon SLT, then Show & Tell after the parade). They dutifully kept away from the land and watched the bids in silence.

I submitted my bid within 15 seconds of the end and won the 1536sqm of land for just over 10k. We were amused that a 1024sqm west of my shop went for almost as much. They won't stay there long if they bought it for business. Friends were reimbursed immediately after LL collected and I transfered most of the remaining into my dollar balance against the next tier fee.

So I had twice as much land in Angler. What to do with it? I woke up in the night after having gone to bed excessively early. In the quiet shoved my pools aside and played with the configuration. After speaking with a friend, a plan began to form. I discussed it with my Angler buddies, conferred with Mainland Maven Marianne McCann.

The plan is clear. Stay tuned.

What of Anilis? It's about to change soon as a result. Hey, everyone keeps changing stuff. It's my turn this time!

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