Monday, July 7, 2008

Olexandrovich Rising - and Falling

What a weekend.

So much happens in one day, much less four in Second Life.

To me, the concept of settling is defined by the cessation of wanderlust. You've done your searching, you've found your spot - the area as it is APPEARS to reflect the tone or at least if you're among the first you hope to set the tone.

Apparently when it comes to Second Life, I have a lot of getting used to. Second Survivor forum regs brought me down from a near panic two weeks ago when one of my neighbors (the one I dropped in on previously) bought the parcel to my east and there was a weird stretch to my corner. This was discovered literally after I purchased a white picket fence for the edges of my property and teleported to start placing it. Just funny timing. All panic aside, he was very reasonable and I managed to figure how to raise my land and smooth it flat. He did likewise and moved his road up to my door.

Learning the fence I bought was not modifiable and would take too many prims to use, I took the Linden one from the library instead. Next morning, the owner to my west who was selling got inspired and added the same fencing all around his property. I thought that was neat

I had considered buying some of that land on payday last week and contacting them about breaking it up into parcels, but the people north of me beat me to it. They bought it all and began constructing rental shops. With the new landscape, I added smoked glass to the plaza structure.

Meanwhile the other neighbor had restored the carnival, tore it down, then proceeded to make a bayou swamp leading up to a highly amusing slum. Passing a horror movie theathre, a diner, an arcade, laundromat, swamp, etc etc, his road leads right into the next sim, where someone else's road continues into a quaint neighborhood of rental homes. It's just a riot what he's done with his land.

But this changing the main portion of it in Olexandrovich - possibly a subconscious response to the changing landscape as it is - has jarred me a couple of times.

I know I want more room. This prim limit gaks me. And I was considering a cube with landscaping to further mute the scene beyond my windows. Naturally I would alpha the outside and make it all phantom, so it is only apparent while in the plaza.

They beat me to it again. Only this time affecting me directly. They bought those semi-privacy screens with transparent backgrounds. Their purpose for having it opaque on the outside doesnt make much sense if they are a business and want people to see them. But a technical glitch is causing their shrubs to nullify my glass at some angles in some places. They appeared sympathetic for determining a solution, but it's been two days and this intrusion by their fake hedges persists.

Of course I'm not happy.

But maybe that's the idea? That's what my neuroses will conclude every time.

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