Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Holocluck Builds his Nest

I've been as busy as a little holographic bee.

Moving the gallery was easy. Remembering to re-set the prices and permissions (oof). At 500 and 600m the skies were littered with junk. At 700 I got vertigo. Fortunately at 400 it was clear.

The game plan was to have a nice Kinkadesque cottage. As many know, I had found one by accident. Now the owner of what I call "the hidden grove" is my friend. We traded advice and landmarks, and both did some searching last Fried Day and swapped more info as we made discoveries. My photo album Quest for a Home has screenshots from that evening among others.

Next was to set up Holodoc's 7Seas Fishing. I made a nice marble pond and filled it with flat orange soda (since I can't get it to fizz right). A matching marble pool to the side, seating for full size and tinies, streaming music set to the 60s and 70s. Thanks to Peter Lameth for adding poses to the freebie deck chairs and a handy stargate for easy access by distant travelers.

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