Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Now I'm sure of it.

The people with their shops?

When I showed my friend my gallery Mon evening, they had constructed a big sign to be visible (I guess) for anyone flying close enough. I mean we're talking REAL high, as though most people set to max LOD (which they don't). It's unreal to assume most people can see it from the next sim, you know?

I was testing an adjustment to the teleporter (eh. didn't make much difference), when I noticed an irritating stream of lime green particles visible from the western end of my sky gallery. They've put that shit in Olexandrovich, and at this point I'm more than convinced they're trying to crowd me out. It's coming from a very long, sky-patterned prim suspended in the air over their property. I have to wonder if they want people to fly into it. LOL

If I leave, I'm gonna price that land high and see what happens.

I'd miss the other neighbor though. I will have to make a landmark on his place to see his progress.

Meanwhile, I'm going to look into textures I can use to effect a plain landscape with grass or crops and a big, blue sky. And box my plaza into it. Maybe I'll make it opaque on both sides. I haven't decided yet. Maybe I'll file an AR for their damn prims.

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