Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ketchup Entree


I've been busy with my new land. I pretty much completed it, having tracked down a nice path and installed it last weekend. I think the place is awesome. The holodeck grid in the backyard is invisible to my neighbors, so their view is not at all obstructed.

The stargate is cool to have and very convenient. Admittedly I must upload more images for the gallery including a couple more angry animals for Barnyard Rage.

My only prob right now is someone who bought the land south of me and has no concept of property lines. They placed a structure over the border and into my stone wall, ASSuming the wall must have been put there by Governor Linden or something. It's a tricky one because it isn't showing on my list of objects, but it's blatantly there according to the lines. I'll make a screenie and AR if the second request doesn't result in him moving all to his land.

I'm having a lot of fun with 7Seas. I can't say it's better than Toontown, only different.

The fish are often realistic in species representation. LOL check out my gallery for the cocktail shrimp.

In other news, Snurky joined a group from the SL boards who descended on public landmarks last Saturday in chicken suits. The manager of the Blarney Stone in Dublin sim wasn't thrilled and threw us out, but later apologized. I guess the organizers of the event didn't do enough organizing this time around ;) Great photo op though. After contacting Pete for clearance, we ended up on the public beach at Munkie Island.

The foxes have since placed a bucket of KFC on the patio table.

For those who remember Holodoc as an eccentric who ran around Blaxxun in a scuba suit and flippers, Holocluck may not adopt exactly the same outfit, but he caught a pair of hawaiian shorts while fishing. It might result in something familair in time for this Friday's Blaxxun Reunion Partay.

More on that and other things soon!

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