Monday, June 30, 2008

The Evolution of Olexandrovich, pt 2

There wasn't much there at first. Behind me to the west was some escort thing and a shop. To the south was something I don't know. The carnival was eventually replaced with a home. Anticipating the trashiness of what much of Mainland had become, I decided to put my gallery into the sky. There was something annoying nearby at 600m and another at 400m, so 500m it was. I didn't know whether I'd need the ground floor at all once the adfarms and spinning crap showed up, but for a start I'd plan some lawn ornaments and a means to teleport up for anyone wandering or flying over to the area.

Shortly after I arrived, someone bought two plots of 512 and plopped down a large, L-shaped house which overlapped into two plots on the south side and a little bit on the one to my east. I don't know how cluefull they are, but they didn't resize the thing. They did add furniture though.

About two weeks ago I decided to take the scenic route down from the gallery with a flight feather. A new large build in the distance caught my eye when I hit approximately 400m, so I flew over to the "carnival guy"'s area. A futuristic aircraft carrier beside a Tiki pool setup (well, at least SOMEONE got to do it LOL). I didn't notice that he had no-fly set, so when I re-activated the feather and jumped -

- I landed in front of him while he was terraforming his front lawn. We talked a bit and realized we both had a background in the arts. He said I was welcome to visit anytime, although I insisted that I never enter a stranger's home. Drop on their lawn maybe...

Last week he purchased more land and made a road up to my property. By this weekend a couple had purchased land to my north (between myself and the old carnival spot, which had now become a truck stop / turnpikish rest area). The home and the carnival were restored as well. Suddenly the immediate area of Olexandrovich was lively with stuff and people.

My little fence looked cheesy. I promptly made an alternate version of my gallery for ground level, with the intention of adding vendors of my 3D stuff (while eventually I would have vendors of my art in the treehouse over on Munkie Island, which I'll cover soon as well). Now I think I'd like to have more art down in what I call the plaza, and install a teleporter (done) in the gallery so people can get down. A thingie would hand out Landmarks to the other place, and a thingie there for the gallery. Things are changing, and so far in a good way.

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