Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Avatars Gone Wild

Tatas, boobies, melons, tomatoes, titties...

I backed away from SL's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (MSBC) like a hot potato shortly after it began last year.

All those people who died, more so because they wouldn't even get checked out of prudence or embarrassment.

Well what did you think you sounded like to most people?  You're so fucking immature you cannot bring yourselves to use "breast" in your promotions.  It's breast cancer.  You already know what it sounds like when people cannot say "cancer"; it's like being unable to face the disease. Everything for MSBC has to be a cheap innuendo for you.  It's disrespectful to those who've suffered and died.  Somewhere along the line "more birthdays" have have taken a back seat to "save the tits so we have more to fondle!"  You cannot face this disease without mocking body parts and where death is making its entrance.

Even now Firestorm's MOTD is promoting Rock Your Rack.

It's not that my standards are too high.  It's that yours are so low, and I speak for many.

A friend in Second Life passed away months back.  While she had a debilitating illness which left her paralyzed, it was the onset of breast cancer which was the final straw and she requested no more food and let it end.

I believe in continuing the fight, but not here.  I'll keep my participation for this in the real world.  Actually with a knee headed for possible arthroscopy I'll have to sit this one out in NYC as well.  That's okay.  Got my off-season Relay tools. 

I'll switch Relay For Life Volunteer group notices back on after Halloween when the coast is clear.  We'll meet back for the Christmas Expo.

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