Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Let the Healing Begin

Seraph Club enjoyed quite a debut.  The live singer - which was actually a karaoke singer (I suppose I'm the last to know how these types of performances work) was a perfect match as a 30s-40s style torch singer, with an hour of DJing by Mr Pearse following.  The turnout was difficult to gauge because the sim employs a parade of bots for shop window dummies and staged civilians.  You'd think for events they'd dismiss those to minimize lag. 

Anyway if I were to gauge I'd say there were over forty in the club at some point.  It was a good crowd, and I know most of them.  I'd imagine many had to set their RL alarms to attend for this special milestone...

I've just met with the orthopedist. Torn meniscus. Not the end of the world but it could be if I'm not careful.  Mayo clinic's description of symptoms is spot on.  It's not severe so surgery is not critical, so let the PT begin!
What to do about a shop next to the diner? Still feel I should have it somewhere else. I'm not as inspired as I'd like to be about what for a building I'd want for Cartoon World where I'm situated.  The toony ones I found were high LI (I expected better of mesh) and I'm at a loss for any private sims for shopping and whether their prospects are good ones.

Toonfest has been extended for a week to allow more people to experience it. With the deluge of so many players hitting Toontown Rewritten at the same time the developers had their stress test and made a maddening number of updates within a couple of days.  The new content is impressive and the prospect of getting doodles is promising.

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