Saturday, September 20, 2014

September Pain Management Round Up


They cut Dad loose early from rehab.  While he's regained most of his ability to walk, his mental abilities have taken a hit.  He spent several days in a mental fog in ICU due to an infection and thankfully emerged from it, but not without lingering consequences.  While the episode left him without memory of that time and just prior (including when he went to ER), he's forgotten discussions from two days ago and sometimes repeats things from hours earlier or the previous day. He's nodded off - not an issue of itself, but he doesn't remember doing it: "I was changing channels when it was several hours later." That's new and has me a little concerned.

Maybe it took this coming home alone on a Friday with no post-rehab aides for days (shame on Empire Blue Cross for this decision; how low and callous our healthCARE has descended!) for Dad to realize that a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom co-op all alone isn't a good place for him.  A month ago the thought of him coming home wasn't even conceivable.

He never listens to me except about things computer (and I still can't persuade him to get a Windows7 PC for $300).  It took a cousin overseas to recommend assisted living to him, and finally he's taking that notion seriously. 


In the meantime his Meals on Wheels has resumed and is now - after my contacting his rehab counselor - getting an aide coming a few hours a day.  That's awesome. 

My knee had its MRI today.  Results Monday.  Fonars are awesome, but for the knee (when you can stand) you stand at an incline for 30 pre-programmed minutes without moving the lower half of your body.  I came out of it walking better once I was able to move and feeling returned to my feet.  I tried to sneak a result out of them by asking whether I should start physical therapy with the referral already given me and he blankly said wait till I meet with my doctor.

I set myself back Monday by trying to walk one step over the other instead of one at a time exiting a subway station.  Since then it's leave 45 min early and take a cab ($10-11) to station in the morning to beat rush hour and students, then leave 15-30 min early to go home.

With the turning of the leaves it's time to head for the forest.

Standing for 30 min straight has caught up with me.  There are consequences of the diagnostic.  Not quite the same. 'One step at a time' I need to keep telling myself.  Forget that a year ago this month the elevators were being replaced and I was walking down and up 5 flights of steps almost daily with groceries.

Most days coming home I catch a bus at the station depot home.  I miss getting amenities throughout the week. 


Probably would have taken today off if the boss hadn't.  Anyway results Monday.


Today begins Toonfest. One year since Toontown Online was shut down comes a 3 day celebration and open beta for Toontown Rewritten.  You may not see me too much over the next couple days. On the other hand the servers have been down since the relaunch. I sort of expected that.

Today is also "Talk Like a Pirate Day" which means I flaunted my Captain Blood edition pirate outfit while fishing.

Saturday night will be the grand re-opening of the Seraph Club at Vintage Retro. Expecting a crowd so I'll have my TIS HUD on before I arrive.  Am I thrilled that someone other than Mr Pearse will be providing the music?  Not very.  A place is only a place, and I'll have come for his unique presentation and set list.

Would I expect you to attend my monthly set there starting October?  If you've enjoyed what I've done in the past then by all means come for more each second Sunday from 12:30pm SLT.

Before that though there's Mieville's Halloween and fall festival and my October gig at Swing Moon. 

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