Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Miraculous Recovery?

Since about Tuesday I can carefully scale the steps one leg over the other.

Their citing the location of the torn meniscus brought to light that I have had this in both knees since about eight years.  So what had been causing the pain and compromised ability?  Orthopedist couldn't say but shared that he'd seen a record number of patients about knee pain over the past couple of months.

Physical therapist was amused that I knew most of the exercises she was going to assign me for home, those which I was able to resume this week in fact.  She also echoed the orthopedist in that I am to refrain from any mile-plus walking, to keep them short.  I guess sticking to the designated home exercise regimen between sessions makes up for it, at least for the time being.

I'm sorry to say I had an ambitious walk from my primary to get some groceries then home yesterday.

Miz Gabi took time out to shift me over into the woods, so the wagon rolled down to it's new spot. All I can say is: ahhhhh!

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