Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another calm before the torrential storm

First of all a big thank you to Lizzo Dreamscape & Fruit Islands for the honour of asking me to exhibit my art in their gallery.

Almost ready for the big build!  Still a little sorting out with the vendors at Sci-Fi Con 5.  1024sqm and only allowed ten scripts. The mulit-item vendors each have 2 in them.  Teammates have to juggle and consolidate. Also there was this issue about there not really being a booth so much as a blank parcel, so I cobbled together some of my Atomic Age builds to make the Plasma Pool.  If only they let me host media I would link to a Super Chicken cartoon. btw, don't forget to buy our landmarks list for L$0 ;P

Going to have to decide sections and how to break down the space of the RFL Campsite parcel.  We had access to a quarter region space but will have to figure it out on a premium sandbox sometime this week, then start kickass drawing and building.

The Burning Life 2009 Eggphitheatre is currently on display with ALL of its related art including those on burn day.  Check it out at Burning Man - Deep Hole before Thursday evening.

I'll be changing the exhibit on the ArtSpace level in Cartoon World very soon. After having been to many Show n Tells in my time, I got the impression people were very clickie-clickie. Still I get the feeling that nobody looked DOWN and thought to click where they were standing for info and freebies. And even less people know to cam in on floor tiles.  So I'll have the drawn art on display.

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