Friday, July 20, 2012

Some thoughts following RFL season

First time in over a week I'm in iPod Notes.  My last draft was the script for a time travel ride that was never completed.  I heard there were several time travel rides, and one billboard shouting wikipedia milestones in green text.

Just as they had back in March, they got our team name wrong at the closing ceremonies.  Big or small, each team and each participant has experienced struggle and loss, some triumph.  The least the management can do is read off a couple of elementary words correctly.

There was a decision two days before relay to trash the ride and go for one era of the ride, an essential moment in cancer's history along humankind's timeline. 

It's not easy to be a captain.  You have to spend time receiving info then share it with the team. Since joining our group was optional, this meant a couple of groups plus individuals were contacted.  I gave them decisions regarding RFL participation.  For example, I would not have signed up for the Mayday Medievel or Back To The Fifties weekends myself, but for them I did.  I came out of it for the better thanks to them.  But when all is said and done it's all very rewarding.

In the end we made OUR idea for a campsite.  I was called a control freak for a group decision to make something else; it's likely that person has no regrets of the outcome. If anything I went out of my way to give people options and allow them to express themselves more than others might. Except I wanted my crab to be used. :P

For the most part the campsite builders - and others for whom RL got in the way - are looking forward to next year and what we can do better after our experience this first time around.  Also having all worked together on a build, some for the first time working with others, it should run smoother. We think.

Some of the team. More pics pending on Flickr this weekend
They gave me a gift of a frame with images they took and a pocketwatch! They're so sweet. We've all gotten to know eachother through this and become great friends. A definite plus!

I'm not looking to be the biggest or the best in RFL, just the best I can be and as big as it takes to serve a purpose. I set a lofty goal of US$1000 and with the help of an RL page for credit cards and a generous populace in SL, we passed $1200.

But please, after all any of us do for this cause and for all anyone has endured first hand or otherwise of this disease, please don't mess around with names.  Your effort to say each one correctly reflects your true sentiments and appreciation.

Thank you.

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