Monday, June 11, 2012

Mixed Signals?

Now there's something I hadn't counted on...

Want to thank all my female avvie friends who helped me pick out those awesome dances for my Intan.  They were for the most part close friends, two of which I know outside Second Life, and none of which I share a romantic interest.

I also want to thank those friends who tried the danceball out or have shared a fun party or event with me and looking really cool in sync or experimenting with dances on someone else's Intan.  It's hard to go back to singles dances when you have a willing partner, even for platonic dances like the Charleston.

I'm amused that a couple of friends' mates (I only know of one whose is their partner and RL husband) have come out to play for events. Regardless of whether they've discovered a nice way to share a time or he looked over his shoulder and got jealous, I feel some sense of accomplishment of the end result.

Sometimes other people's Intans can be treacherous.  Many load non-MoCap dances. There's one that puts one of my arms into my thorax for several minutes (probably was loaded correctly).

There are times when this friend wants to dance, and she seems to wait to be asked. When you're an artist, this courtship protocol doesn't apply among other artists. We're all people, and we split the bill. She suggests something, he suggests something. No complications. I suppose like the 24th century.

Anyway a friend who is very nice is fun to dance with. We basically chat about things like the music, RFL, etc while our characters look good at a party. We've even snickered in IM over having been mistaken for a married couple.

A recent experience at an RFL event has been filed away under awkward:

We thought being a 1950s event it would be loaded up with dances similar to mine in addition to the usual slow dances. However that wasn't the case. All of them were either erotic or romantic. What do you say to a friend you haven't known for a long time when there isn't a non-romantic dance? To blatantly stop in front of people and opt for singles dances?  Awkward is an understatement.  And she didn't say anything, so we ended up doing this - thing - involving uncharacteristic cuddling and such.  I wouldn't even do a dance like that with Seven... Beware the preloaded Intans shaped like spinning red hearts; unless you're an item with your dance partner, don't venture.

We've gone to events since with no issues, but recently hit another awkward moment, when I asked someone to dance and my friend and another whom I've danced with showed up just then. Well, I can't dance with everybody LOL and I just asked someone. And maybe I should have faith that my friends will sometimes show up to my events and wait for them (that's been a recent occurrence and takes getting used to). I may have been reading more into it, but I think my regular partygoing friend may have been disappointed.  After a while my partner and I broke off and her boyfriend came to dance with her (she also wanted me to meet him for a prospective gig in an RP sim; I think the prospect of not wearing trainers may be more concerning than doing well if I take the job), with me joining the others in a 3 way singles thing.

That evening at the beach she came and left after only a few minutes. I may be reading more into things and maybe it was for other reasons that she left. I know things are not ALL about me, and possibly she doesn't feel slighted that I dance with other people - she certainly doesn't object to my dancing with Seven (who always gets priority when she's on; she is a good friend in RL and comes to hang out with me, and Second Life - or Toontown - are each a means to that end). Of course if it's a question of keeping her as a great friend and backing off couples dances, there's no contest.

Just one big step back and hope that doesn't get misinterpreted as any sort of rejection or inadequacy on anyone's part. My profile says not looking for relationships and that still stands. Again if I'm reading into it then I'd just be cheating us out of some harmless fun.

In another mixed signal, I signed up to be in the upcoming IFT SciFi / Star Trek thing for Relay For Life with the prospect of raising money on behalf of the team. It seems DJing for it means not crediting Hearts & Souls with tip donations. It's one thing when a friend asks me to DJ for them and another when I sign up for a weekend.  I can easily enough include two of my vendors for IFT's team to justify our booth, but I'll do a reprise of my Time & Space playlist on my own time. Maybe in the TARDIS. Maybe on TARDIS. I dunno.

In other news, no DJing for the Back to the 50s Weekend for RFL. It's either that or letting my team have a shop or tent for the vendors. Never heard back from some folks about doing an arcade booth etc so didn't append my request (because for the day we can put our stuff there as well). Depends on whether we get accepted at all.

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