Thursday, June 21, 2012


Okay, *NOW* "In Every Town" is complete.  The genre tiles (I wrote one for vampires zombies and lycans that didn't make it in), the favourite communities not represented, and freebie tiles, a tile pointing to the egg at "Burn2: Conception"... I guess as usual I left out a tile for a Cartoon World gallery landmark. 

While I was fine tuning the tiles yesterday I got the announcement that Relay For Life's Back to the 50s sim was ready.  I grabbed the corner shop for the team.  The sim looks awesome.  But no time.  I didn't get to make anything new for it.  I'll have to when I get home tonight after my meet with friend.  Also re-packaging my Dog n Hog Snackbar plus another classic Googie build, which may warrant some rebuilding to consolidate a few sides.

I noticed while walking around the 50s sim that someone ripped off the texture of my RFL edition kiddie pool.  Was that very nice?  Someone owes us a bigass donation.  Never mind any royalties...

The weekend will be hectic but not impossible.  Last weekend was impossible. 

DJing 4 times, maybe 5.   There's RFL's Back to the Fifties and New London Village and Bacchus on the Beach Saturday.  Sunday morning is SL9B where they put me in the goddamn Egyptian desert .  I have the perfect remedy.  Let's just say it involves unleavened bread.  There, you blog followers got an exclusive.  Last but not least there's STILL the POSSIBILITY of DJing at the Bay City Pavillion at SL9B on Friday night.  No firmed plans at this late hour.  We'll see if I get passed up again.

Filling the rest of the weekend are doodads and apparel for our booth at the scifi/Trek convention. Another Dalek might be added for donation as well.

But first things first: Making 50s stuff and loading vendors tonight.

You can't see it, but our Relay For Life campsite sim is there.

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