Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Doings?

Starting  next Monday June 18th look for my spot at SL9B.  An as yet unnamed exhibit;  it's amazing how integral building on site can be, but with photos posting early and  news of a parcel neighbor blatantly stealing ideas from a nearby creator, I've assembled a skybox from which to work.  It's all going on location Saturday and no sooner.

Sneak Peek at SL9B parcel

Sometime during SL9B I may DJ for Bay City.  I did last year and it appears people had a good time.  However I'm consistently ignored for actual in-BC doings, so I'm not counting on it.  There are many ironies to that actually...

DrFran Babcock will be hosting a building class tomorrow (Thursday) night to instruct participants to create an old fashioned cathedral radio.  This was initially planned for tonight but we got famunched with the dates. It's all good, and tips go toward Relay For Life.

With my month at Fruit Island Galleries coming to an end, I have to say most of my friends either they don't give a damn or they're too ignorant of the genre to realize that an art "opening" means the first day, that they didn't have to make the reception (in the real world, people only show up to art openings for the free wine and cheese), and that they had several weeks to check out my art on their own time.  Who looks your way when you need help or bare your soul? Those are who your friends are I think...

So I'll throw a Relay For Life fundraiser at the gallery Saturday night after Bacchus on the Beach.  Intan will be served lol.

What else?  Snurky Snoodle may have another go at Mad Libs before the eggphitheatre meets with oblivion.

June 20th marks Errol Flynn's birthday, and I plan to host a listening party for his radio adaptation of Captain Blood. Also tips to RFL. Location TBD.

Relay For Life's Back to the 50s Weekend is on the 23rd & 24th.  I kick off the entertainment at 10am SLT that Saturday by the carnival (no clue where that is just yet). Our team will have a shop for offerings with all sales going to RFL.  Many of my teammates love the 50s era, so this is a real treat for them :) Expect interesting stuff for sale from Hearts & Souls.

That next day (24th) I DJ in the morning at SL9B.

Sometime by then we'll have firmed plans for the Trek convention. More on that then.

Already under planning is our Relay For Life campsite. I sure hope we get the space we need.

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