Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Blog Post in Search of a Title

Relay for Life weekend.  With my involvement in the New Babbage campsite build trashed (apparently  *not* due to any Amishesque shunning), I've dropped hints about participating in the relay itself (which I've wanted to do since Dr Fran told me there was an actual relay) in a public forum, which have thus far gone unresponded to.  I gave their RFL team captain the benefit of the doubt that they could have been too busy to come back after the first post and accosted them by IM.  I want to parricipate. It's been a day and no word.

I'm also handing the computer over to Snurky Saturday afternoon for a Tiny Snail crosscountry on the Relay For Life sims.  With Tindallia Soothsayer's help they have a course.  Please give Tindy kudos when you see her. She makes the trophies, co-designed the home track (the good parts), built the SL8B parcel for them, planned the RFL course, made the tiny snails available for a donation to race this weekend, and more I know I've missed.
I'm 99% sure where I'll call my home for a treehouse.  A 2-way interview went on yesterday and I showed the estate owner my choices of prefabs.  Confirmed that any boughs extending into common land would be fine.  A common sense covenant and a diverse, active community - but not isolationist or separatist.  Here we are all wearing RFL purple (as always clicking will show a fullsize picture):

Won't count New Toulouse out yet for other things.  I still like the idea of having a shop of prints, only not where I can see banlines.  If that were fixed in New Babbage then their landscape wouldn't be reduced to the look of a cheap mainland parcel.

How does one enforce quiet catch for a 7Seas fishing area?  Is this now an option on the server?  I know: rtfm

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