Monday, July 25, 2011

...if you can call this normal...

She's put banlines around her building and I'm gonna ask her for a refund? Yeah right. Over 2 weeks left on the Clockhaven meter, almost a month since I said good riddance. That's a lot of rent lost. On the bright side: good riddance. To hipocrisy, false politeness, and juvenile behavior not attributed to urchins. The only thing I'll miss there are Edward Pearse's events at The Clarendon for Radio Riel and Blackberry Harvey's DJing in Sweetwater Square.

I got this nice piece of furniture built for the shop.  Guess I could put it up in The Marketplace.  I just use my old SLEX box.  But what if I need another box?  Will I get an SLEX box or one with the Second Life logo on it?

I really should put more stuff on the marketplace, like the silly noses and inner tube... The classic deco gallery building... Yeah I'm just all over the place, aren't I?

First *OFFICIAL* DJ gig at Bacchus on the Beach worked out well last week, except that putting the music on random lumped the newer material together.  No more random. Second DJ gig at New Albert Hall in TARDIS was a hit on Saturday.  Just shifted my repertoire up by a decade for them. Filled in last night at Bacchus when thunderstorms grounded Dat in RL. Madhu's regrettably will be on hiatus for the next couple of weeks (also another grounding in RL of a sort; come back soon Carter!), freeing me up to DJ at Bacchus more, so for the next two weeks I'll be providing their music on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Starship Diner event last Friday was... quiet.  My usual time for events is Saturday after Livingtree fishing but because of the weekly summer fireworks I moved my parties to Friday evenings. Everyone's usually doing something else on Fridays, including myself.  There were birthdays and rezdays I inadvertently scheduled against - one which I would have liked to attend if I could be in two places at once.  Ah well. At least I got to see an old friend from the VRML days; we pummeled him with information in a frantic effort to get him up to speed.

Made the Taco Supreme Dalek finally.  Debut it at Show n Tell.  He's a new Super Ultrarare at Retro Metro in Sistiana.  The Purple Relay Dalek remains available for a donation until all Relay for Life vendors self destrict sometime next month. After that: no more purple Dalek.  Unless someone copies him of course.  Hey, it's their soul.

The heatwave hit a dangerous high for my medical category and I remained sequestered from Thursday through Saturday at home. Got credit for working remotely.  I hate working from home; it's like tainting my computer. But there was plenty to do. Caught up on some DVDs at the same time, half-listening to them from the side.

Today back into the real world, hitting the office following a doctor's appointment. 

Going to see what I can do with my backyard in Hydrangea. Moved my sandbox beneath the diner.  I think I'd like to put my conservatory in the backyard.  Yes, I have a conservatory. Doesn't everyone? 

It's nice that other than that and the matter of an intrusive tree I have to bring up to the "treehouse estate," there are no real points of concern.

Oh yes, Burn2.  If I get a campsite, I win. It always comes down to the best ham. Some endorsed darling will get them over me (although "endorsed" SHOULD mean that their spot was already paid for via their benefactor, right?  Endorsed means covering materials and venue, the means to make and exhibit their art).  I'll design some vehicles for the DMV. They think I'm going to script them. They've never seen my résumé.

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