Thursday, July 7, 2011

Horse Durvies

With SL8B over, the next thing to look forward to is Relay For Life.  I'm working on some art for New Babbage's place there.  I should have both that and the first of my shop art this weekend.

I made a scripted headset but it seems it may have a finite sequence set.  I need to find which parameter is setting the limit and stopping the animation.

Bought a large TARDIS for an upcoming party.  Turned out to be so big that I had to reposition everything else. It was encroaching into Route 4. Seven saw it last night.  Yeah it's like a catering hall.

 click it for a fullsize shot

Breakfast in Babbage celebrates its 2nd anniversary this Saturday at 11am Eastern / 8am SLT.  I think I have an idea for that. It's held at the Clarendon and simulcast on

There was a furry in a squirrel avatar who would frequent Blue's Office Hours.  She had really ugly feet.  No reason for mentioning this other than I passed a squirrel on a fence on the way to the subway this morning and its feet reminded me of her...

Out of four presenters last week at Show & Tell, I came in fourth.

I tried to install my deadbolt lock.  Now it locks on the inside but not via the key.  I think I know what I did wrong...

Snurky is thinking twice about completing the season with Giant Snail Races. There's a definite line between designing a challenging track and making things ridiculously hard just to see people struggle.  That's neither fun nor funny, and Snurky is no masochist.  It would certainly free the computer up for us if she left...

I'm still looking for a place I could have a large Victorian treehouse.  They'd have to go easy if the boughs went a little beyond the border.  I'm thinking in some places their interacting with common land trees would give the place a natural look...

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