Saturday, July 9, 2011

Home Hunt Front

Unlike the fiction I've been serializing, New Babbage proper does not have a patch resembling a residential district.

I took a close look at New Toulouse's covenant.  It wouldn't be the right place for the sort of treehouse I have in mind.  Otherwise seems very nice: themed but not role play, similar to Bay City in that respect.  Don't know about the prospect of a zombie hunt though...

Even before the owner of New Caledon expressed animosity against Bay City, I had seen their estate and it didn't appeal to me.  Someone suggested Winterfell, but aren't they reputed to be dark or gothic?  I'm so not that. Update: they aren't from that era. More knights and dragons and the like.

I visited some of Antiquity this week.  It didn't seem as though their sims were structured like a cohesive community.

Maybe it's just not the era to look to for a Victorian treehouse?  That could be!

Well when I get home (writing this while waiting for the LIRR to arrive)  I'll join the last half of the Clarendon event then work on those portraits for New Babbage.  Wonder if they'd be interested in auctioning them off to give to the winners at the end of the big RFL event? 

I think maybe some protein first and foremost when I get off the subway near home...

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